JDC Modus Tour Rules 2017


JDC UK Junior Tour Darts Rules.
How To Qualify For Finals Day.
Finals day will consist of 16 players based on a three-tiered qualifying system unique to the JDC. Juniors can qualify from any of the three of the tiers listed below in preference. (Note Non JDC members can only qualify via tier 1) JDC membership can be purchased at tour events. Cost is or £25.00 per year per member.
Tier 1
All six winners of each of the JDC UK Tours will automatically qualify. Once a player wins an event they are no longer allowed to enter another qualifier throughout 2017.
Tier 2
The five highest ranked JDC members from the Tour Order Of Merit that haven’t qualified via tier 1, will qualify for finals day. 501 points are awarded for every leg won during the six tour events to Create The Order Of Merit.
Tier 3
The five highest ranked players from the rolling JDC Academies Order Of Merit, Which run’s from the beginning of Season 1 to end of Season 4, that haven’t already qualified through either tier 1 or 2 will also qualify for finals day.
  1. Dress code is smart casual (No football shirts). Academy members are advised to wear academy shirts.
  2. Players must be older than 10 years old but no older than 17 years old by the 16th December 2017. To clarify if you turn 10 on the 16th December 2017 you’re eligible to play, if you turn 18 on 16th December 2017 you’re not eligible to play.
  3. Last Registration is at 11.00am, Play commences at noon. Draw will commence at 11.30am.
  4. This is a winner marks competition. (Until the Round Of Last 16) There from Loser’s Mark. If you can’t mark, it is your responsibility to ask someone to do it for you.
  5. Winners must report scores to tournament Board Marshall’s.
  6. As the tour is for juniors there will be a zero tolerance policy on alcohol consumption. Any competitor that doesn’t adhere to this rule will be automatically disqualified and banned from all JDC events.
  7. Matches until semi finals will be best of 5 legs 501, bull up, PDC bull rule applies. Winner of bullseye throws first in legs 1-3-5. First name out throws first for bullseye.
  8. Semi final matches will be best of 7 legs 501. Same bullseye rules apply with winner throwing first in legs 1-3-5-7. First name out throws first for the bullseye.
  9. Final match will be best of 9 legs 501 , PDC bullseye rule applies. Winner throws first in legs 1-3-5-7-9. First name out throws first for the bullseye.
  10. Cash prizes will be paid out on conclusion of the final. Anyone not present to collect his or her prize money will forfeit it. 

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