The return of the JDC's Super 16 is back! 

This competition comprises of 4 main qualifiers,

1 finals event and a staged final in Milton Keynes.

The Rileys Super 16 tour will begin in Sheffield followed by 

Worcester, Liverpool and Solihull. The top 8 ranked players

in the S16 tour order of merit will make finals day in Wolverhampton 

on December 28th. The final 2 players will battle it out on stage at 

the PDC'S Masters in Milton Keynes. 


Open to all boys and girls aged over 10yrs of age and under 18yrs of age. As the final is on February 2nd 2020 you must be under 18 as of this date to compete in this tournament. 

If you are 18 before Feb 2nd 2020 you cannot play in the finals day but can play in the 4 tour events if under 18 at the time of those events. 

Dress code for JDC events is a suitable darts shirt, black trousers and black shoes.


The events will be straight knock out events and the final 8 players from the tour will be joined by the top 8 players in the JDC's Academy OOM.

Thus providing the best 16 junior players to play the finals in December. 

To match the title of the competition there is a super prize fund. At each of the 4 qualifying events the prize fund will be £300.

The playoff finals in December will see the prize fund rise to £800 ensuring all 16 players will receive a payout. The finalists will be rewarded with £1500 in the pot. £500 to the runner up and £1000 to the Super 16 champion. 

Total Prize Fund - £3500.00

Entry to the Super 16 will be available online as of Monday JUNE 3RD. Entry via 

Registration 11am - 11:30am and the events will start at Midday with an approximate finish time of 4pm. 




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